Chateau Giscours 2019

Bordeaux Blend Red from Margaux, France – 750ml


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Producer Tasting Notes

With the 2019 vintage we aimed to preserve Château Giscours’ signature style, its power and structure, while at the same time working on two characteristics that we especially appreciate: the aromatic palette and the finesse of the tannins. The Merlot revealed different characteristics depending on the terroir and the harvest date. Some were juicy, fruity, and bursting with freshness, while others, with a more advanced degree of ripeness, presented a magnificent roundness and a much more voluptuous character. For the Cabernet, we decided to delay harvesting in order to achieve the most complete maturity of the skins and therefore of the tannins. In the winery, we modified our extraction approach with a focus on the delicacy of the tannins. Maceration was based more on duration of contact between juice and skins than on the intensity of extraction. Our decisions were guided by tasting at every step.

Vineyard Notes

Various geological studies carried out by top specialists have demonstrated the high-quality origins of our terroir: alluvial deposits of Garonne gravel dating from the Quaternary period provide the foundations for our vineyards. On these arid, eroded soils formed of alluvial deposits, Garonne gravel transported from the Pyrenees during the Quaternary period, topography formed in the shape of what are known in the Médoc as ‘croupes gravelleuses’, or gravel hilltops. They allow excess water to drain off and enable Cabernet Sauvignon, the primary grape variety, to express itself to the full. Giscours has three major hills, and blending these together is what gives Giscours wines their power and complexity.


Once they have been harvested, the grapes are sorted, gently de-stemmed, then sorted once again using optical sorting so that only the highest-quality grapes are used. We perform very respectful pre-fermentation cold maceration to enhance the fruity aroma


French barrels. 50 % new oak. 17 months of ageing in barrels. The wine then gains fullness and density as it matures in French oak barrels. This oak is part of the process of creating the wine, adding elegant, soft tannins and allowing a tiny amount of oxygen through to polish the wine’s structure. Our teams look after it and protect it from oxidation, and ensure that this crucial step goes smoothly. The wine gains complexity, and is bottled once it has achieved the elegance and finesse that we love so much at Giscours.

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