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Well, it’s official… Having just arrived back from Bordeaux the En Primeur 2022 Futures Campaign is underway!

After speaking with dozens of winemakers and owners firsthand, 2022 is most compared to 1982. Some are even saying IT’S BETTER!!!

This will be our 23rd year offering Bordeaux Futures, the first as Chateau Cellars, so you can be rest assured the wines will be delivered and the prices guaranteed. If you have bought Futures from us before, then you know the drill. If this is your first time, great!

Here’s how it works:

The En Primeur (Futures) system in Bordeaux is like an IPO for each Chateau for that vintage. Wines are released in a series of offerings (tranches) that increase in price as time goes on. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and get wines up to 35% less than when they arrive in two years.

Once your request is confirmed you will be notified and must pre-pay to secure the order. That’s it!


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